Black Creek Chapter was chartered in October 1997 at the Abate of Florida, Inc. State meeting in conjunction with Hillsborough Chapter's annual Spooks and Scoots. Black Creek chapter was started to serve Clay County, upper Putnam County and west St. Johns County. It even had members from Duval County who held membership in that chapter. The idea to form a new chapter was formulated by a small group of members of the Duval County chapter who all lived in Clay County. The idea was not to break off and just start a new chapter but to expand the effectiveness of ABATE by reaching the motorcyclists of the aforementioned areas that surround the larger (in population) Duval County. Some of the members who resided in Duval also wanted to help start the new chapter and volunteered their assistance. After spreading information about ABATE and what it stood for, the group held two exploratory meetings in the Middleburg public library to try and gauge the interest this chapter might generate. There was strong interest so they went ahead with plans to get a charter for the new chapter from the State Delegation. Because they wanted to serve an area larger than Clay County a name would have to be chosen that would not limit it geographicaly.The name, Black Creek, after many entries, was decided upon because the creek flows through upper Clay County into the St. Johns River, slicing through the town of Middleburg where the chapter was to be based. A small delegation from the proposed chapter went to the August 1997 State Meeting and formally asked for charter consideration to be granted at the October 1997 State Meeting.
The charter was granted in October and the chapter was recognized with 37 charter members.
The first Executive Board was comprised of Tim Saltsman, President; Mike Apple, Vice President; Tom Nugent, Treasurer; Odet Cududo, Secretary; and Rick Smith, Sgt. at Arms. Besides being involved in the political issues that begat ABATE, Black Creek chapter is involved in community as well. The chapter holds an annual 'BEARS for BEARS' motorcycle ride to help provide stuffed toys for the Clay County Sheriff's officers. The toys are used to help soothe traumatized children if an officer encounters that situation on a call. The chapter is also involved in promoting safety on our highways for riders as well as all other vehicle operators through our Motorcycle Safety and Awareness program. Presently there are over 150 members in the chapter. Black Creek chapter should be a strong and productive member of ABATE of FLORIDA, Inc. for many years to come.