Why Become A Motorcycle Activist?

Do you feel that you are a reasonable intelligent person capable of making decisions on your own,
or are you willing to have others make your decisions and tell you what to do? The media tends to sensationalize tragic events and champion the apparent easy quick-fix "mandatory helmet" solution. This often results in a knee-jerk overreaction on the part of politicians, especially in an election year. Even well meaning but misguided people will assume the responsibility for saving a portion of the public from itself. Unfortunately, they end u penacting laws that serve to strip away personal freedoms with little or no positive impact upon the real problem. Individual citizens, working within a well-organized group, can protect the lives of motorcycle riders without infringement upon personal freedoms. By promoting education and awareness, we can ensure that our government provides real solutions; and not just the diesires of special interest groups operating under hidden agendas. A simple voice is easily lost in the din of public outcry and media hoopla. But the voices of thousands of individuals banded together with a common cause cannot remain unheard. This is a task that requires some time, some commitment and a desire to protect the rights upon which this country was founded. Training and guidance is available to education the non-motorcycling public. You will be supported by an organiztion of your peers and kept informed on legislative actions by our full-time lobbyist. In addition to getting to know some great people and to participate in a number of fun activities, you get to influence the decisions being made on your behalf in Tallahassee. The end result is you will be able to make motorcycling a safer more enjoyable sport, and you protect your rights from political infringements. Come to an ABATE of Florida, Inc. Black Creek Chapter meeting and decide for yourself.